Rammed Earth Victoria


Rammed Earth Victoria

Harnessing life’s essential elements of earth air and water, rammed earth captures the raw yet calming essence of the natural world within its form, with strong, crisp, textured finishes.

The solid walls are built to be load bearing and having been sourced from the earth provide a safe and durable, organic building medium with remarkable thermal and fire retarding properties. Combining strength and visual appeal rammed earth adds a distinctive quality to any project.


  • Stabilised rammed earth (SRE) has a 4 hour fire rating deemed to comply with high fire risk areas.
  • Compressive strength of SRE commonly achieves above 8 MPA significantly exceeding the 2 MPA rating required to be load bearing.
  • SRE can be anywhere upwards of 200 mm thick.
  • Insulated stabilised earth (ISE) is 400 mm thick minimum to accommodate the 50 mm extruded styrafoam boards whilst maintaining load bearing capabilities.
  • ISE 400 mm walls have a 2.4 R value rating for superior energy efficiency.
  • SRE walls are solid eliminating cavities for unwanted pests, have fantastic thermal mass, naturally regulating internal temperatures reducing the need for supplementary heating and cooling resulting in low CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the building.

History and Present Times

Rammed earth is a sustainable building material that has been widely used as the core component in numerous historical structures, with its strength, durability and plentiful supply it has stood the tests of time.  Three fine examples are The Alhambra in Granada, Potala palace in Lhasa and The Great Wall of China.

In these modern times stabilised rammed earth has been utilised by architects in accommodation resorts, wineries, churches, zoo’s, schools, and the modern family home for its longevity and functionality.

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